Thinking of Immigrating to Australia? Talk to Interface Alliances to help you understand the requirements with a simple eligibility check.  

We understand that the decision to migrate may not be an easy one. Migration law can be complex and the Visa requirements outrightly confusing. Our founder and associates are Registered Migration Agents of Australia and can provide the right guidance to make this process hassle free for you.

Why Interface Alliances?

We care deeply for our clients. We understand that the process can be daunting at times. Our in-house MARA agents are here to ensure your application is error-free to minimise the risk of rejection. We also prepare what is called a decision-ready application to eliminate the delays. With two very highly experienced MARA agents, you can be rest assured that your Visa application is in the right hands. We also handle the post-application enquiries by the authorities and any request for further information.

Visa Categories

Look no further than Interface Alliances to guide you through the Visa options available to meet your requirements 

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  • Bridging Visas (A, B, C & E)
  • Resident Return Visas (155, 157)
  • Citizenship

  • Partner Visa (Offshore) (309/100)
  • Partner Visa (Onshore) (820/801)
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (491)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (190)
  • Skilled Independent Visa (189)
  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa (870)
  • Aged Parent Visa (804)
  • Child Visa (101)
  • Child Visa (802)

  • Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (186)
  • Temporary Graduate Visa (485)
  • Temporary Activity Visa (408)
  • Temporary Work Short Stay Visa (400)
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (482)

  • Training Visa (407)
  • Student Dependent Visa (500)
  • Student Visa (500)

  • Business Visitor Stream (600)
  • Sponsored Family Stream Visa (600)
  • Tourist Stream Visa (600)