Invest in your future by studying in Canada

Canada's college and university degrees hold global recognition, and the country offers some of the most affordable tuition fees among English-speaking nations. Moreover, there is a possibility for you to remain in Canada and pursue employment after completing your studies, opening up limitless opportunities. Enjoy the esteemed quality of life, discover flexible and top-notch education choices, experience a warm welcome in a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, embark on unforgettable adventures, secure a substantial long-term return on your investment, and find affordable educational options.

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What is the approximate education fee?
Cost of Education In Canada
Average Fees At Canada Universities (2017-18)
Course Undergraduate (Per Year) Postgraduate (Per Year)
Tuition & Other Fees CAD$ 13,000 to 20,000 CAD$ 17,000 to 25,000
Note: Fees structure may change every year
Required Admission Tests to Study in Canada




STEM and MBA Degrees


What is the process?

Step-by-Step Guide

University in Canada
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Choose the right Course & University

Our team of experienced and expert counsellors will help you choose the right Course and University based on your background and interest

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Put the Documentation together

We will guide you through the entire documentation requirement at every stage of the application & admission process

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Apply for your Student Visa

Our in-house Registered Migration Agent will ensure your Visa application is perfect to minimise the chances of rejection

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ELT and Financial Assistance

Our professional guidance will help you get the best English score and also meet the financial requirements for the process