Why study in Europe?

European countries and their universities exhibit considerable diversity in terms of language, lifestyle, and living costs. Europe is home to thousands of universities, each offering a multitude of study programs in English. Whether your interests lie in the arts or zoology, you can discover programs across the academic spectrum. 

You'll find both cozy, small-scale universities and large, globally renowned research institutions, with options ranging from cutting-edge academic research programs to hands-on, practice-oriented education. Europe hosts many of the world's top-ranking universities, and when compared to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, most public universities in Europe have notably low tuition fees. 

Even if you have limited proficiency in languages like Spanish, French, or German, there are always ways to navigate everyday situations using English. Europe truly provides an array of choices to suit everyone's preferences and needs.

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What is the approximate education fee?
Cost of Education In Europe
Average Fees At Europe Universities (2017-18)
Course Postgraduate (Per Year) Under-Graduate (Per Year)
Tuition & Other Fees $10,500 - $33,215 $9,970 - $34,740
Note: Fees structure may change every year
Required Admission Tests to Study in Europe




For students who are unable to get the desired scores, there are pathway programs available leading to enrolment into your dream course


What is the process?

Step-by-Step Guide

University in Europe
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