Visa rejection reasons and how to avoid them for the USA

Visa rejection reasons and how to avoid them for the USA

Every year, many people apply for US visas. When it comes to visa approvals, a small mistake can have a big impact. The dream of every student is to study at a top university. When it comes to top-notch education, the USA is the number one destination for international students. If you are planning to study in the United States, then you should obtain a Student Visa. The rejection rate for US student visas is not that high, but you still need to be careful in the interview and application process.  

Reasons for Visa rejection & how to avoid them:

Insufficient proof of financial ability to support yourself:

If you plan to study in the United States, you must prove that you have enough money to support yourself. If you cannot provide evidence that you have the finances to cover the study and living expenses in the USA as listed on your I-20 or DS-2019 form, your student visa may be denied. Liquid assets must be presented as evidence of finances. You will need to show enough funds to cover the expenses for your first year, but you are not required to have liquid assets to cover the entire program duration.

Not strong reason to return to a home country

If you are going to study in the USA, you have to prove that you will return home after the specific study has been completed. Your student visa application will be rejected if you are not able to convince the visa officer that you will be returning. You should be as clear as possible that your sole purpose is to study in the USA and that you will return home after you graduate. By letting the embassy know you have a family, a job, and maybe even some properties that you manage, you can clear your visa.

If you already have a family member in the US

The presence of a family member already in the USA may raise negative suspicions. There are two possibilities: either you are attempting to obtain a student visa under pretence and are planning to move, or you intend to stay in the United States after your studies are completed and pursue a career, without any intention of returning home.

If your university or degree looks suspicious

Applicants whose universities are not accredited may have their visa applications rejected. Many other factors may make officers doubt the legitimacy of your chosen course or degree, which can also cause your visa application to be denied. Immigration and Customs Enforcement must approve your institution for the Student and Exchange Visitors Program. 

Validity of your Passport

One of the most common reasons for US student visa rejection is the submission of an invalid passport. Passports should be valid for more than six months after the date of intended travel. And ensure that your passport has at least two blank pages. 

Other Document Issues

Some forgetful applicants may end up on the wrong side of a visa decision if they do not submit a required document. This includes their TOEFL or GRE scores, their scholarship confirmation, or their sponsor’s bank statements. Some of these kinds of cases may result in the temporary denial of the submission of the missing document. 

Having a poor visa interview:

A Visa interview directly affects the decision of your Visa application. Being anxious during the interview, providing unnecessary or vague information, failing to communicate properly with the interviewer are all examples. Prepare well for the interview so you will be able to answer the questions with confidence. During your interview, stay positive the entire time. If a question surprises you or you don’t answer exactly like you planned or thought, that’s okay. It is completely normal for candidates to experience some nerves during this type of interview. Always keep a smile on your face, and remember that showing confidence in this situation is critical.

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