Formed in the 1960s, the University of Sussex is set close to Brighton in southern England. It is a leading research institution of higher education. Considered to maintain one of the most attractive campuses in England, it was the first of the new wave of United Kingdom universities which earned its Royal Charter in the year 1961.

The University of Sussex has one of the most beautiful campus locations in the UK. Situated in rolling parkland on the edge of Brighton, the campus combines award-winning architecture with green open spaces. Designed by Sir Basil Spence, the buildings that make up the heart of the campus were given listed building status in 1993. In addition to this, Falmer House is one of only two educational buildings in the UK to be Grade I-listed in recognition of its exceptional interest.

The university maintains 12 schools and research groups. It provides more than 500 undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs. The University of Sussex offers education to around 16,820 students with one-fourth of them being postgraduates. Around 76 percent of the student population includes home/local students and 24 percent includes overseas students. The total number of teaching staff includes over 2,200 members, with around 1,803 teachings and over 300 research staff. The staff and students come from over 100 countries to join university programs. Approximately one-third of the university staff comes from outside the country.

The university is majorly famous for its Social Science and Humanities departments. It holds both local and international outlook and offers continual engagement in community actions and services.

With a global approach, the university boasts of its alumni who are working in almost every field in and outside the country. Other than this, the proud alumni include diplomats, heads of states, politicians, eminent scientists, and activists. Moreover, it has a number of Nobel Prize winners, members of the British Academy, and a winner of the prestigious Crafoord Prize in its faculty staff.

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