Why University of Delaware?

“KNOWLEDGE IS THE LIGHT OF THE MIND.” – University of Delaware motto

The University of Delaware was voted a “Best Value” in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. The University is also rated highly in the Princeton Review’s The Best 379 Colleges and the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015. Additionally, UD is ranked #8 as an Up-and-Coming School by US News and World Report. This award is given to the school with the most promising and innovative changes in the area of academics, faculty, and student life. Beyond the rankings, the University offers over 137 different majors for their 20,700 undergraduate and graduate students.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should study at University of Delaware.

  1. Exceptional Standard of Education
  2. Research Intensive course format
  3. High-quality coursework from nationally-recognized faculty
  4. The huge array of academic and recreational programs
  5. A beautiful campus located right next to the busiest social area in Delaware, Main Street

University of Delaware

University History:

One of the oldest universities in the U.S., the University of Delaware traces its roots to 1743 when a petition by the Presbytery of Lewes expressing the need for an educated clergy led the Rev. Dr. Francis Alison to open a school in New London, Pennsylvania.

Alison’s first class was “possibly the most distinguished in terms of the later achievements of its members, taken as a whole, of any class in any school in America,” wrote historian John Munroe.

Those first students would go on to become statesmen, doctors, merchants and scholars. Thomas McKean, George Read and James Smith signed the Declaration of Independence and Read also signed the U.S. Constitution.

Why Delaware?

Delaware can be found in the northeast of the United States where it primarily borders Maryland to the west and south. Toward the northern tip, Delaware shares a border with New Jersey and Pennsylvania making traveling easy and accessible.


For students, studying at Delaware has many advantages, some of them include:

  1. Experience a wealth of culture and diversity
  2. International students will also gain exposure to some of Delaware’s primary industries including agriculture, manufacturing, mining and the financial services
  3. Some of the main companies in Delaware include The DuPont Company, J.P. Morgan and Chase Company, Citygroup INC, and General Motors Corporation
  4. Delaware ranks #6 in the nation in terms of its density

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Visit the official page to get more information on University of Delaware – https://www.udel.edu/

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