Interface Alliances is the best UK Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Thousands of overseas students study in the UK each year, making it the second best country in the world to study after the USA. For students across the globe, UK stands as the best place to study English language as it is this country where the language was invented.

With a brilliant infrastructure, excellent higher education system, and housing some of the world’s prestigious universities, UK is famous to deliver a rich study experience to international students. But just like any other nation, even there are a few things that you must know before you move ahead with your study in UK plan.

We here share with you our study in UK resource that will help you learn more about studying in the UK as an overseas student. From selecting a location in the UK to knowing about the top universities, admission process, and the education system in the UK, our post covers all such topics.

So, here we share it with you!

Why Study in the UK can be best for Your Career?

The UK is one of the finest study destinations in the world for international students. With elite study institutions, high-class infrastructure, and traditions of excellence, it has a lot to offer to international students than just English-speaking.

Study in the UK

Some of the major benefits of studying in the UK are as follows:

  • Growing Destination

Students from all parts of the world prefer studying in the UK, and the number of students enrolling into UK’s universities is increasing each year. For this reason, UK presently stands as the second-best study destination in the world after the USA. The country has made hard efforts to capitalize on the growing demand for English language instruction. Some of the top countries sending students to the UK are China, Nigeria, India, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Greece, France, and Hong Kong.

  • Global Recognition

Qualifications and degrees offered from UK universities are recognized around the world as high-class and excellent quality. It is because the country offers set standards of excellence established by some of the traditional universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. If you are looking for a high earning future, then this can be a great selling point for you!

  • Affordable Education Costs

The cost of education for international students is comparatively lower than the cost of studying in the USA. Not just the tuition fee, but even accommodation fee and living expenses are quite low than those in the USA.

Also, degree courses offered in the UK can be completed in shorter time duration as compared to other countries. This way, you will save lots of money. Most of the degree programs in the UK are for three years, while the master’s program is between one to two years.

Note – An important thing to note is that as per the UK policymakers the cost of education for non-EU students is higher in the UK than those for EU students.

  • Wonderful Work Opportunities

An international student in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week during school term and full-term when the school education is completed. But before you start working in the UK, you must check with your advisor so that you do not violate any law, rules, or visa regulations, which change frequently.

  • Financial Aids and Scholarships

If you are finding it difficult to fund your international education, then there are different kinds of scholarships and loans available to help students to aid their study in the UK.

  • Easy Access to Europe

With the introduction of Channel Tunnel and economical airlines, like Ryan Air and EasyJet, Europe becomes easy to access than ever. You can reach to most regions of Europe from the UK in just a few hours via direct flight or train. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to study in the UK, explore the UK, and at the same time explore Europe.

  • Multicultural Environment

The UK is famous for its multicultural society. With students coming from different regions and countries to study, the education structure houses a multicultural environment. The country is very open to new culture and traditions, which makes the overall studying experience comfortable to international students.

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Top Universities in the UK

The UK houses some of the world’s best universities. Here we share the list of the most popular and prestigious universities in the UK.

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Oxford
  3. University of Greenwich
  4. London Business School
  5. University of Huddersfield
  6. King’s College London
  7. London School of Economics and Political Science
  8. University of Manchester
  9. University of East London
  10. University of Leeds
  11. London School of Commerce
  12. The University of Edinburgh
  13. University College London
  14. Coventry University
  15. Cardiff University
  16. University of Birmingham
  17. Kingston University London
  18. University of Warwick
  19. Teesside University
  20. University of Westminster
  21. Canfield University
  22. Brunel University
  23. University of Salford
  24. Middlesex University London
  25. University of Sunderland
  26. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
  27. University of Bedfordshire
  28. North Umbria University
  29. University of Nottingham
  30. Robert Gordon University
  31. Bangor University
  32. Lancaster University
  33. University of Bath
  34. University of West London
  35. University of Chester
  36. Queen Mary University of London
  37. Staffordshire University
  38. Amity University, London Campus
  39. University of Bristol
  40. The University of Liverpool

Education System in the UK

The education system in the UK is divided into 4 major parts – primary, secondary, further education, and higher education. Legally, education is compulsory for children in the UK from about 5 years till 16 years old.

  • Primary Education

The primary education starts in the UK at age of 5 and continues till the age of 11.

  • Secondary education

This category includes education for students between 11 years to 16 years of age. The primary and secondary education is mandatory in the UK. After 16 years of age, education is optional in the UK.

  • Further education

As soon as a student finishes secondary education, they have the option to extend further education to take their A-levels GNVQ’s, B.Tech, and other similar qualifications. UK students who wish to pursue university or college education must successfully complete further education.

  • Higher education

This is the most important part of the education system for international students. Most students can enter directly into the higher education system of the UK after completing their further education from their home country.

  • Online Degree in the UK

With online programs rising in popularity, this implies the availability of top-notch online programs is also on the upsurge. If you wish to obtain the UK accredited degree without relocating to the country, you can select an online study program from the UK. With an online degree program, you can manage your studies in the home country and save money and time on travel and living in the UK.

Application Process for Study in the UK

All the applications to universities of UK are made through UCAS or the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. You need to fill a UCAS application form from the UCAS website. It is important to get the application well before the deadline, especially if you wish to study at one of the top universities in the UK.

Some of the steps to UCAS applications are:

  • Registration

First, you need to register your details with UCAS. This is simple and can be done through the UCAS website.

  • Select a Course

This is the most important stage where you need to identify a course where you want to spend the next 3 or more years of your life dedicatedly. There are thousands of courses offered in the UK. Selecting an appropriate course can be confusing. But you can take help of our experts at Interface Alliances, in order to select the best course as per your interest and for your career.

Once you have shortlisted a course, take its unique UCAS code. You need to fill this code in the application form.

  • Find a University

You have now found the right course and now you need to make sure you study at the right university. You can take the help of our experts in order to select the best university for the selected course.

  • Filling the Application Form

One application form can be used to apply to 5 distinct choices. You can apply to 5 distinct universities for a course or 5 different courses at the same university as per your preference. Just remember, you will have only space for one personal statement and this has to be specific to the course. It is best to take the help of experienced experts in order to define a personal statement.

  • Send and Wait for Reply

The universities in the UK take some time in order to consider your application. Hence, you must wait for a few days or a month to get a reply.

  • EU International Students

Applicants from EU country must make sure their application form is received by UCAS by 15th January. Otherwise, it would be considered as a late applicant. Usually, there are different dates to apply for Cambridge and Oxford University and for art and medical courses. Hence, it is best to check for the last date of application of a specific course and a university through its website.

Also, while filling the UCAS application form, you must check the eligibility for any possible loan, grant, or scholarship.

  • Non-EU International Students

International students from a Non-EU country can submit an application to UCAs at any time from 1 September to 30 June one year before the academic year. However, most of the students must apply well before 30 June to ensure that there are ample places available and plenty of time is available to make necessary immigration, accommodation, and travel arrangements.

Application Requirements for Study in the UK

Every student who wishes to study in the UK has to write a personal statement explaining their reasons to study the selected subject. If you are applying to more than one institution, which is in most of the cases, make sure you do not mention any by name as each of them will receive the same personal statement.

The UCAS website offers plenty of tailored advice for writing personal statements, but as an important rule of thumb, international students are encouraged to mention proper reasons why they wish to study in the UK rather than in their home country. Also, the statement must clarify how their study will help them in the future, and describe their English language skills through an English language test.

During the process of completing the UCAS process, international students have to send copies of their academic transcripts to the course providers. It is mainly because UCAS can send some results from reputed bodies like the International Baccalaureate directly to the selected course providers. For most of the international qualifications, the universities will ask for results directly sent to them.

The deadlines and application forms differ depending on the kind, of course, you are applying for. The UCAS website is very clear on such deadlines, and it is vital to ensure that you don’t miss out these guidelines as some universities do not entertain late applications.

Though UCAS processes the applications, vital decisions about admission requirements are made by individual universities. Hence, if you have any queries related to non-technicalities of the application, you can directly contact the concerned university. Before you finally apply, make sure you read up the course requirements, eligibility, tuition fee costs, course details, and email the university if you require more information. Remember the requirements may vary depending on the country of your residence.

Tuition Fees for Study in the UK

The cost of tuition fees depends highly on your home country.

EU students are charged the same tuition fee as charged by the students of UK, while students belonging to Non-EU countries need to pay higher fees for the same course.

Maximum undergraduate tuition fees at public universities in the UK also vary depending on the region. As per the latest statistics, in England, universities need to pay up to £9,250 or US$12,400 per year, while in Wales up to £9,000 or US$12,050.

Scotland does not charge tuition fees for undergraduate courses from EU or domestic students, except from other three parts of the UK. The Northern Irish students and EU students in Northern Ireland have to pay up to £4,160 or US$5,600 per year, while the students from other parts of the UK will pay around £9,250.

Overseas students who come from Non-EU countries can expect higher tuition fees, varying between £7,000 or US$9,400 and £35,000 or US$46,800 per year depending on the course. At the postgraduate level, there is no set maximum limit, and for all students be it EU or Non-EU, tuition fees is low at the undergraduate level and increases with an increase in the level.

With the introduction of UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union, also known as Brexit, there are some uncertainties about the level of fees to be paid by EU students studying in the UK. But most of the UK universities have pledged to keep the tuition fees at the same rate for present EU students for their duration of studies.

Living Costs in the UK for International Students

The UK is a less expensive country as compared to the USA, but still, it is expensive than other countries like Canada and Australia. You need to cover living costs in the UK and for this, you must have a budget.

The cost of living in London is quite higher as compared to other regions in the UK. If you are applying for a visa, you will have to meet the financial requirements established by the UK Border Agency or UKBA. An easy way to save money while studying in the UK is to take benefit of the numerous student discounts offered by the retailers.

Financial Aids for Students in the UK

There are numerous financial support solutions available for international students who wish to study in the UK. Even EU students may qualify for help from Student Finance England or SFE.

The UK financial aid is applied separately from the UCAS application. Numerous international students are eligible for grants, bursaries, scholarships, loans, and financial aids operated by governments, charities, and other organizations. You must also be eligible to apply for a QS scholarship, while MBA students can apply for a relevant QS MBA Scholarship.

The Ministry of Education in the home country or even the local British Council office can have information on sources of support. For most of the schemes, competition is extremely tough. Hence, you must apply early in order to maximize your chances. Depending on your nationality, you may also be eligible for financial support or loan from the UK government.

Always ensure that you fetch all the details for what is and what is not covered under the financial aid scheme. This will help you prepare for the entire cost yourself. It is suggested to look for financial support before you begin your course, as it can be extremely difficult to find funding in the mid-way through the academic year.

Accommodation for International Students in the UK

Most of the international students who study in the UK prefer to live in university accommodation with main types of accommodation being student houses, halls of residence, and student flats. This can be self-catered or catered. The option of homestays is quite uncommon in the UK.

International students can also select from a range of private accommodation either by living alone or sharing it with friends. It is best to secure accommodation in the UK before you enter the country. Being an international student you would be offered preference for places in student halls. Also, you can search through plenty of websites that will offer you information about locally available accommodations for international students. The Student Housing Office and Student Union at the university is also an excellent source of information on how to find accommodation.

Some of the common accommodation options are:

  • Short-term accommodation – Hotels and hostels offering temporary housing services that may be offered through an institution will help you get settled in the country. You can talk to your university’s international support staff or check their site for more details.
  • On-Campus – You can minimize your travel time by staying in on-campus accommodation. Most of the universities offer furnished and comfortable apartment-living style on campus.
  • Rental – You can lease or rent a property with your friends or by yourself. For this, you can take help of a real estate agent as well.
  • Homestay – Though not much common, this option will allow you to live with a family in their home.

Exams to Study in the UK

In order to fulfill your dream to study in the UK, you need to pass some exams.

  • Language Exams

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE) are standardized language tests that you need to take in order to get admission in colleges and universities in the UK. Each of the exams has a different format, result band, and structure. They differ in many ways and the college may ask result of two or one of them. Hence, you can decide on which exam to appear.

  • Repeating Exams

IELTS is one such exam, which can be taken an unlimited number of times. Though TOEFL can also be taken uncountable times, you cannot take it more than 12 times a year. The same rule applies to PTE where you cannot exceed the number of times to 12 in a year.

  • Fee

The standardized fee for IELTS is INR 12,100, INR 13,140 for TOEFL and INR 13,300 for PTE.

  • Best Time to Apply

In a general case, if you wish to seek admission in September then you must appear for such exams by March. This way you would be able to apply before the deadline. The time needed to prepare for TOEFL/PTE/IELTS would depend on the current English Language proficiency. You would need 2 – 4 months of preparation time before the exam date.

Other Important Exams

GMAT – Also known as the Graduate Management Aptitude Test, it is used to measure the abilities of the potential MBA aspirant to perform higher education in the field of management or business. It measures English, mathematical, and reasoning skills of students.

GRE – The Graduate Record Examination is another examination needed to be taken by the students applying to graduate schools to pursue MS or MA. A large number of business schools also accept GRE scores for the purpose to grant admission for MBA.

Every university mentions the exam results applicable to the course of your choice.


The price for GMAT is INR 16,000 and GRE is INR 12,000. You can take these tests an unlimited number of times but not more than 5 times a year. Also, there must be a gap of at least 30 days between the two tests.

Average Scores

The average GMAT score accepted across universities is 540. The Average GRE score is 155 for verbal, 167 for Quantitative, and 5.0 for writing.

Note – These numbers are for reference purpose and may differ from the actual scores from university to university.

Visa Requirements for International Students Who Want to Study in the UK

Before you apply for the student visa for the UK you must have the following documents:

  • A letter of acceptance on the course from your education provider
  • A visa letter illustrating official and unconditional offers of a place on a course of study
  • Proof of funds, which you show your fees will be covered uninterruptedly
  • A completed student visa application form

You can apply to student visa for the UK either online or with the help of a reliable overseas education consultant like Interface Alliances.

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The process of visa approval can be lengthy and time-intensive. We offer a proper guarantee to ensure that things are absolutely perfect. We provide proper support to the customers so that they can obtain a visa in the shortest possible time. We ensure that the entire documentation and visa approval process is managed efficiently. We double check documents and other important details before filling out the application form so that there is no rejection or delay. We work diligently and for this reason, we have a success rate of 99%.

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We offer our clients complete assistance in getting admission to their desired course so that they get hired for a lucrative job position. We always assist our students in getting the jobs once their course is completed.

To Sum Up

You can now fulfill your dream of study in the UK with our expert services. We are the best overseas education consultants for the UK in Hyderabad. We provide hassle-free and high-quality services so that you can easily get a job after the course completion.

Hence, if you want to have a secured future and want to fulfill your dream to study in the UK then schedule an appointment with the best overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad, India – Interface Alliances.

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