Why Study In the UK?

Interface Alliances is the best UK Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Thousands of overseas students study in the UK each year, making it the second-best country in the world to study after the USA. For students across the globe, the UK stands as the best place to study the English language as it is this country where the language was invented.

With a brilliant infrastructure, excellent higher education system, and housing some of the world’s prestigious universities, the UK is famous to deliver a rich study experience to international students. But just like any other nation, even there are a few things that you must know before you move ahead with your study in the UK plan.

We here share with you our study in UK resource that will help you learn more about studying in the UK as an overseas student. From selecting a location in the UK to knowing about the top universities, admission process, and the education system in the UK, our post covers all such topics.


Growing Destination
Students from all parts of the world prefer studying in the UK, and the number of students enrolling into UK’s universities is increasing each year. For this reason, UK presently stands as the second-best study destination in the world after the USA. The country has made hard efforts to capitalize on the growing demand for English language instruction.
Global Recognition
Qualifications and degrees offered from UK universities are recognized around the world as high-class and excellent quality. It is because the country offers set standards of excellence established by some of the traditional universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.
Affordable Education Costs
The cost of education for international students is comparatively lower than the cost of studying in the USA. Not just the tuition fee, but even accommodation fee and living expenses are quite low than those in the USA.
Wonderful Work Opportunities
An international student in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week during school term and full-term when the school education is completed. But before you start working in the UK, you must check with your advisor so that you do not violate any law, rules, or visa regulations, which change frequently.
Financial Aids and Scholarships
If you are finding it difficult to fund your international education, then there are different kinds of scholarships and loans available to help students to aid their study in the UK.
Easy Access to Europe
With the introduction of Channel Tunnel and economical airlines, like Ryan Air and EasyJet, Europe becomes easy to access than ever. You can reach to most regions of Europe from the UK in just a few hours via direct flight or train. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to study in the UK, explore the UK, and at the same time explore Europe.
Multicultural Environment
The UK is famous for its multicultural society. With students coming from different regions and countries to study, the education structure houses a multicultural environment. The country is very open to new culture and traditions, which makes the overall studying experience comfortable to international students.


UK Education Consultants

Interface Alliances is one of the leading education consultancy that works with leading universities in the UK and can provide you the right guidance and assist you in the selection and enrolment process at all the UK universities.

Our expert team can assist you, for free, with:

  • Choosing the right course and university
  • Obtaining the documents and certifications required by the university
  • Manage course enrolment practices
  • Apply for your Student Visa
  • Organize your accommodation

Interface Alliances has qualified education specialist that studied, worked and lived in the UK for many years, so they know exactly what would be the best outcome for all students. They will provide you the right advice that will help you get an world-class qualification.

Admission at a university in the UK requires an international certificate of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL). We can assist you in choosing an English (preparatory) course to obtain these certifications or an Academic English (EAP) course to gain direct access to the degree course you have chosen.


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