A country welcoming people from worldwide with open arms, Australia stands as one of the popular study destinations among students worldwide. Besides its mystical charm, diverse natural environment, and multicultural atmosphere, the country offers students the opportunity to study in the top-ranked universities of the world.

Australia is the 3rd most reputed destination to study in the world. The presence of numerous top-ranked universities in the region makes the quality of education in Australia at par. The higher education in Australia is based on the British model. Hence, you can be certain that if you are studying in Australia, you will get world-class training in your respective field.

In Australia, there is a cosmopolitan environment not just in the cities, but also in universities. It is the home to more than 41 universities, and most of them are public institutions. If you intend to study in Australia, then you must get some information about the university options available. So, read this post to know about the various Australia universities that are ready to quench your educational needs.

Here are the Names of Top Universities in Australia

Australia is an excellent destination for education. The educational institutions in Australia are acknowledged worldwide for the high-quality education they impart. Australian universities offer research and innovation and boast of offering excellent teaching staff. The Australian universities and colleges and the degrees offered by them are worldwide recognized, making it one of the best study destination across the world.

Below we share with you the list of best 20 Australian Universities that are top-ranked globally by numerous research bodies, like Best Global Universities Rankings, Times Higher Education, US News, and more.

  1. University of Melbourne

The Melbourne University has been around for more than 160 years. The university holds a great reputation for being one of the leaders in innovation and research. The university is the top university in Australia for studies in engineering, medicine, social sciences, and life sciences.

The students are trained through affiliated clubs, up-class facilities, and societies like an indoor lap pool, libraries, cafes, and a sports field.

  1. Australian National University

It was the first ever university established in the country and initially focused on the research. Later on, the university expanded its offerings and presently hosts 55% of students in the programs for graduate courses and higher degree research.

It is among such Australian universities that consistently rank top among the institutes offering studies in humanities, arts, and multiple sciences. The beautiful campus and high-end facilities offered within the university delivers an excellent experience to the students.

  1. University of Sydney

The first University of Sydney, this university is ranked top in Australia by the QS Best Student Cities. The campus has been listed by numerous publications as one of the finest campuses in the world.

Besides quality education, the university offer students a range of facilities. It offers a well-known commitment to research excellence and is proud of its 75 research centers. Additionally, it is rated top in 100 academic fields.

  1. Monash University

With more than thousands of students, the Monash University is the biggest in Australia in terms of total numbers of students. The university is famous for being one of the members of M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, National Academies, and Universities, which is a network that aims to enhance global health and offers a foundation for the World Health Summit.

The university is ranked the best in the country for technology and engineering. It also ranked top university on chemistry by Academic Ranking of World Universities. Besides Australia, the university has centered in South Africa, China, Italy, India, and Malaysia.

  1. University of Queensland

The Queensland University is another top university in Australia that consistently ranks top in world rankings because of its strong research efforts in the areas of technology, medicine, and science.

Research fellows and students are able to have a rich experience with the University’s state of the art facilities, such as agricultural science farms, teaching hospitals, and physics research stations to support the study.

  1. University of Western Australia

This university was instituted in 1911 and is the first university in the state. Also, it was the first free university in the British time, actively offering equal access to tertiary education for individuals. The university offers more courses than ever and is a house to numerous industry-based research centers and institutes.

Located in Perth, it achieves the strongest score of among the top 10 universities in Australia for its high percentage of the international teaching staff.

  1. University of New South Wales

This university was incorporated by Act of the Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney in the year 1949. But the idea of the university tracked back to the formation of Sydney Mechanics Institutes and Sydney Technical College.

The university uses scientific and special teaching solutions to train students. It offers an extensive range of research programs, postgraduate, and undergraduate programs. It holds a strong international reputation.

  1. Macquarie University

Though it is a 50 years old university, Macquarie has stood out as a progressive and influential institution both internationally and locally. The campus is known to offer one of the best teacher-student ratios.

The university was founded to invite pioneering minds together and boldly imagine innovative ways of thinking.

  1. University of Adelaide

This is one of the oldest universities of Adelaide that was established in 1874. The university enrolls thousands of students every year and has five campuses in the region of South Australia.

It is one of the prominent research-intensive universities and is the third oldest university in Australia. The university holds a strong reputation for producing graduates that can make a lasting impact globally.

  1. University of Newcastle

Based on the ethics of engagement, excellence, and equity, the University of Newcastle holds an excellent reputation as one of the world-class instate making a huge impact in Australia and across the world.

The university was established in 1965 and holds a primary campus in Callaghan. It also operates campuses in Port Macquarie, Newcastle CBD, Ourimbah, and Sydney CBD.

  1. James Cook University

This is one of the leading institutions in Australia that is encompassed by an excellent ecosystem of the rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, and dry savannahs. The University was established in 1961 and is famous for its multi-campus and dynamic environment.

Recently, it has restructured its campus into seven colleges. The main campus is in Townsville and Cairns. Besides this, it has international campuses in Brisbane and Singapore.

  1. University of South Australia

This is the largest university in South Australia and was the youngest Australian institute to rank among the top 50 universities in Australia in 2013. The University offers a range of courses in varieties of subjects including business, education, law, social, arts, health sciences, engineering, environment, information technology, and more.

It is known to offer an excellent education to students in various subjects along with necessary social, personal, and academic support.

  1. Griffith University

This is a 41 years old university in Australia. It is among the top 100 institutes worldwide. It is an industry-focused university that offers degree programs ranging from middle school, primary school, childhood, to high school, vocational and adult schooling.

It engages students in outstanding scholarships to make a big contribution to society. It teaches students with applied knowledge practice.

  1. University of Wollongong

It is a research-intensive university holding an excellent reputation for its learning environment across an extensive range of disciplines. The university was held in 1950 and is famous for offering the best training in metallurgy and engineering.

Besides this, it offers excellent education in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, education, and art.

  1. Charles Darwin University

This is a double-sector university that means it offers a full range of training and education opportunities in Vocational Education and Training, VET, and Higher Education, HE. The university was established in the 1940s and was the only university in Northern Territory till 1989.

It offers courses in undergraduate, vocational education, and postgraduate fields. With flexible study options, students can complete their courses with ease.

  1. Deakin University

This university enjoys the reputation of being friendly, helpful, and accessible university in Australia. It is known for offering cutting-edge technology along with highly personalized experiences to the students.

Deakin University celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014. With exceptional innovation and research programs, it is able to offer students with a rich study experience.

  1. Flinders University

The university got its name after an English navigator, Matthew Flinders. He explored the southern Australian coastline in 1802. The university offers excellent facilities to students. It is renowned for its world-class innovation and research center.

Some of the prominent areas of study available here are clinical sciences, biomedical, society, policy, culture, water, environment, technology, molecular science, human behavior, and health.

  1. University of Tasmania

This is classed among the finest universities in Australia and has earned numerous rewards for its excellent teaching. It was established in 1890 and since then is nurturing students. It boasts of its distinct Tasmanian specializations.

The university is famous for offering specialized research and training in environment, culture, society, health, marine, data, and knowledge related subjects.

  1. Victoria University

With strong industry connections, this university is famous to prepare students in sports education. Presently, it is the direct descendant of Footscray Technical School that was opened in 1916.

The university is famous for offering students with an education that would fit them for a career in a skilled workforce. With more than 15 research disciplines, it is famous for its world-class research opportunities.

  1. Curtin University

This is the largest and culturally diverse university of Western Australia. It houses the third largest population of international students. With campuses in Singapore and Malaysia, it has a strong commitment to international engagement.

The university became the third University of Western Australia in 1987. The university transitioned from Western Australia Institute of Technology to a university after passing of the Parliament Act in 1986.

Besides these top 20 universities, Australia has more to offer. So, here check the other top 25 universities in Australia.

  1. La Trobe University

  2. University of Canberra

  3. Murdoch University

  4. RMIT University

  5. Southern Cross University

  6. Swinburne University of Technology

  7. Western Sydney University

  8. Australian Catholic University

  9. Bond University

  10. Edith Cowan University

  11. University of the Sunshine Coast

  12. University of Southern Queensland

  13. Charles Sturt University

  14. University of New England

  15. Queensland University of Technology

  16. Victoria University

  17. Federation University Australia

  18. Central Queensland University

  19. Southern Cross University

  20. Bond University

  21. University of Notre Dame Australia

  22. Torrens University Australia

  23. Carnegie Mellon University Australia

  24. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

  25. University of Divinity

Australian Universities are popular among students across global regions. The universities of Australia offer advanced teaching aids and multi-cultural experience to the students worldwide. Besides thousands of courses, the universities offer unmatched research facilities and infrastructure of world-class standards.

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