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Are you looking for an educational experience with real-world experiences and results? If yes, look no further than Tiffin University Ohio. Tiffin University was founded in 1888 and is proud to offer personal and practical education for students who are focused towards a profession. The university is a private university located in Tiffin, Ohio and is known for a safe and friendly campus. Students who choose to study here have access to some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of the most popular programs are homeland security /terrorism;
sports and recreation management and communications and Business management.


Why Tiffin University

1. A Beautiful Rural Campus located in the midwestern region of the United States surrounded by small suburban communities that are safe and friendly
2. Known for its vibrant life and campus experience
3. With over 300 students at any given time, the university boasts of international students from 25 countries that give it a multicultural learning experience
4. Offers over 50 graduate and undergraduate programs
5. On-campus housing, dining and social venues make this a home away from home
6. Has a rich sporting history

Why Tiffin, OH

1. Tiffin is named after Edward Tiffin, the first governor of Ohio, and grew up around the original Fort Ball site. It is the county seat of Seneca County.
2. Long known for its History and Architecture St Paul’s Methodist church is the first building on the country to be wired for electricity during its construction
3. Was one of the first to have an electric power plant and only the third in the country
4. A scenic town on the banks of the Sandusky River
5. A place where numerous cultural and sports festivals are held.

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Visit the official page to get more information on Tiffin University Ohio – https://www.tiffin.edu/

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