Formerly known as the Eastern Suburbs Technical College, the Swinburne University of Technology is a leading university providing education in various lucrative disciplines, including aviation, arts, architecture, design, law, and health. Initially, this university offered education and training in the field of plumbing and mechanics. The university’s academic curriculum started to expand after World War 2. It added different programs such as chemical engineering, chemistry, computer programming, and films and television. In the year 1992, it received the official university status. Presently, the university has established many strong international relations with leading organizations such as IIT Hyderabad and IIT Madras.

Swinburne University of Technology

The Swinburne University of Technology has three domestic campuses in Australia and one international campus in Malaysia. The campuses in Australia are located in Hawthorn, Croydon, and Wantirna, and are equipped with world-class facilities to provide students with a comfortable academic environment. The main campus of the university, The Hawthorn Campus, is centrally located in the city of Melbourne. Surrounded by an array of cafes and restaurants, this campus offers amenities such as the bookshop, counseling services, and childcare. The Croydon Campus offers comfortable lounging areas to the students with services such as medical services and housing advice. The Wantirna Campus has special facilities such as early childhood and nursing training facilities. Additionally, the international campus in Malaysia is centrally located and has many sporting facilities, lecture halls, research labs, and cafeterias.

In the academic session of 2018, the total student enrolment across all the campuses measured up to be 57,811. In the same year, the staff in the university measured up to be 2,777. Additionally, in 2018, the total research income of the university reported by the HERDC estimated to be 39.2 Million Dollars. The Swinburne University of Technology also provides a plethora of scholarship options to deserving students. Students can avail of the benefits of scholarships like the George Swinburne STEM Postgraduate Scholarship, Swinburne International Alumni Direct Scholarship, and Swinburne International Excellence Pathway Scholarship.

This university is home to many notable alumni who are leading successful careers in their respective fields. Some of these famous names are Noble Prize Winner Dimity Hawkins, director Andrew Dominik, and comedian Sam Hammington. Additionally, this university organizes many events to maintain contact with its alumni. As of the year 2018, this university has 189,314 alumni all across the world.

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