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Want to Study in Ireland? Interface Alliances is the best Ireland Education Consultants in Hyderabad. You’ve just completed your graduation, and sure you would now want to pursue further education in one of the top ranking universities in the world. While there are numerous destinations that would excite you to pursue your higher education in those countries but choosing the right destination that provides you not only the quality education but also fits your future career aspirations of the balanced lifestyle. If that’s what you want then, look no further; Ireland could be the best fit for you!

High living standards, friendly laid-back culture, and excellent education structure make Ireland an excellent place to study. But these are not the only reasons that make it a top-notch education destination for international students; there is a lot more.

So, let’s get into everything you want to know about studying in Ireland.

About Ireland

Ireland is a country with an excellent reputation for education and a warm culture. It is no surprise that this small island nation attracts a large number of students every year. Ireland is a part of the EU, and hence it makes access to the mainland easy and comfortable. Another reason for its popularity can be attributed to its language of instruction. Most courses are thought in English, and hence it is accessible to students from all over the world.

Study in Ireland

Ireland is known for its quality of life. It offers everything from green hills to vibrant metropolitan cities. As a student, you get to experience its beauty and vibrancy. Added to this there is a natural focus on excellent education with a society that has low unemployment rates and thriving business culture.  Ireland offers a wide variety of opportunities regardless of interests and ambitions. Ireland is popular with young students for its vibrant culture with its pubs, unique music and not to forget- Guinness. Ireland was also named in the report by the Economist as one of the best places in the world to live.

Studying in Ireland

As a country that is a part of the EU, Ireland is open to students from the EU to study without any visa requirements however for non-EU citizens it is advisable to start preparing for your visa a year in advance. This is to ensure that you have applied to a university of your choice and to provide proof of your living expenses. Visa requirements are generally different depending on your country of origin.

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The Education System in Ireland

The Irish education system is similar to that in India. The system consists of Primary Schools, Secondary schools, Third level colleges and professional institutions. At the third level, they provide a Bachelors degree of three years, a masters degree of one to two years and doctorate programs in addition to a wide range of research programs. Some institutes also offer diploma courses.

International students are welcome to study at any third level institution. There are nine universities in Ireland 2 in Northern Ireland and 7 in the Republic. These universities offer a wide range of degrees including Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programmes.

Apart from these, there are 14 institutes of technology that offer programs at the degree, national diploma and national certificate levels in a wide range of subjects like engineering and science. Irelands National Certification Authority validates all such courses in engineering and science. Such validation helps these institutes maintain a high standard of education.

Another type of higher education institutions comprises of are colleges of education and independent third level colleges. All of these colleges will have accreditation from the universities or the national certification authority.

How to Apply Ireland Student Visa

Application procedure generally differs with the course that you are applying. The applications will usually go through the central applications office for Graduate Studies. The application deadline for most courses is in February. There is an application fee that substantially increases closer to the application deadline. Hence you are advised to start your application early. For the master’s courses, you generally apply directly to the institution. It is to be noted that each university or school will have different admission criteria and you will need to verify the application criteria before applying.

Interface Alliances can help make this process simple for you. Please talk to our counselor today to ensure that your application is error free.

Grading System in Ireland

The Grading in the universities is similar to that in India. Above 70% is considered to be First class, 65-69 is Upper Second class, 60-65 is lower second class, 55-59 is Third class Honors and 50-54% percent is Ordinary.

Stay in Ireland

Living arrangements can usually be organized through the college or the institute. Most universities have housing departments that can help students with accommodation with university housing or off-campus living. International students are guaranteed university accommodation for the first year, and in some cases throughout the study period.

Cost of Living in Ireland

  • Average living costs: 7480 (Euro)
  • Home students tuition fees (this often includes EU and EEA citizens): Minimum: 0 (Euro)
  • International students tuition fees: Minimum: 7600 (Euro)
  • Maximum: 17900 (Euro)

Language Proficiency

Most universities require IELTS band of 5.0 to 6.5 or TOEFL CBT scores 213-237 or iBT score 79 to 93. While this is just an indicative range of scores that are required you are requested to check the individual course requirements before applying.

Study and Work in Ireland

In general, Non-EU nationals (Indian students are Non-EU nationals) must have a permit to operate in Ireland. Students are allowed to work for periods of up to 20 hours per week during the school term and up to 40 hours per week during official school holidays. You could earn anywhere between 6 to 20 euros per hour.

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Benefits of Hiring the Best and Leading Ireland Education Consultants in Hyderabad – Interface Alliances

Get Best Advice and Counseling on Your Career

Interface Alliances is a team of experienced and qualified experts offering the best consultancy for different career domains. We have already served numerous students who are presently holding a flourishing career in top-notch companies across the world. We can, therefore, offer you the best guidance to help you direct your career in a positive direction.

Get Timely Support Whenever You Are in Need

If you are unable to decide the course, accommodation, university, college, or institute in Ireland to pursue your further studies, then we are always here to assist you. With our team of expert consultants, we can help you take the best move for your career. Besides Ireland, we offer consultation and support services to other countries as well such as Australia, Canada, US, UK, Italy, France and more.

Safety and Security

Safety is an important concern for students applying to any foreign nation for studying. Being a prestigious educational consultancy for Ireland in Hyderabad, we intend to make the entire process as smooth and easy as possible. We even offer our clients with safety solutions from all types of fraudulent activities related to visa approval and documentation.

Streamlined Documentation Process

Being one of the best overseas educational consultancies in Hyderabad, we ensure to serve you with a streamlined and hassle-free documentation process. We take every aspect into consideration and offer you an accurate estimate of the money required to complete the education as well as other financial expenses. We would ensure that you have a comfortable stay while studying in the country.

Hassle-free Visa Approval

Obtaining the visa approval can be a time-intensive and lengthy process. We serve a proper guarantee to ensure that things are absolutely perfect. With proper support solution, you can obtain the visa in the shortest time frame. We make sure that the overall documentation, as well as the visa approval process, is handled efficiently. We double check the documents and other vital details before filling out the application form so that there is no delayed or rejection. Because of our diligent working style, we are able to grab a high success rate of 99%.

Regular Updates about Average Income and Job Availability

We believe in offering our clients complete assistance in getting admission to their preferred course as well as get hired for a promising job. Hence, we always assist our students in getting jobs once their course is completed.

Summing Up

Studying in Ireland is no longer a dream meant for rich and wealthy people. With correct guidance and support, anyone can fulfill his dream to study abroad in one of the best universities overseas.

We are the best overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad for Ireland and offer best services for admission and visa process. Besides easy visa approval and hassle-free documentation work, we can also help you get a job after your course completion.

So, if you wish to own a secured future and want your dream to study in Ireland come true then contact us and schedule an appointment at the earliest.

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