Study in Canada without IELTS

//Study in Canada without IELTS

Study in Canada without IELTS

Searching for data on how to pursue or study in Canada without IELTS? This article contains total information about this topic. As an international student in Canada, one needs to get required score in IELTS however today, there are numerous universities in Canada which enables you to get admission in their college/university without clearing IELTS test. Indeed, even Embassy of Canada is currently giving international students access Canada without IELTS. Here I am sharing complete information that how to get student visa of Canada without IELTS. Additionally, Visit Study in Canada from Hyderabad.

There are few different ways which permit on to get in Canada as the student without passing or appearing the IELTS test. These are:

  • Find universities that don’t require IELTS
  • Get English proficiency certificate for Canada
  • Complete online English language course

Find universities that don’t require IELTS

IELTS has never been the prerequisite or requirement of the Canadian embassy, but it is the necessity of colleges/universities in Canada. However, not all universities in Canada required international students to give IELTS certificate with a specific score.

Study in Canada

In Canda, there are numerous colleges where students are presently permitted to study or pursue without IELTS requirements. With the assistance of Google, one can without much of a stretch hunt such sort of colleges. To assist you with this, here is the list of best universities in Canada that don’t require IELTS any more:

  1. Memorial University
  2. Okanagan College
  3. Cambrian College
  4. Concordia University
  5. University of Regina
  6. Seneca College, Toronto
  7. University of Winnipeg
  8. Carleton University
  9. University of Saskatchewan
  10. Brock University

Get English proficiency certificate for Canada

Getting English proficiency certificate for Canada is extremely simple for international students. Universities in Canada are presently offering two choices to the students and one of them is called giving English proficiency certificate. Students who have finished either an A-Level or O-level examination additionally win an IELTS exception.

If you have pursued all subject in the English language in the past, at that point you can request the certificate from your past school and use it as a language certificate. Indeed, even students whose tutoring done in English medium school can get this certificate as opposed to experiencing the IELTS test procedure.

Complete online English language course

The last method to enter Canada without IELTS is clearing online English language courses. These courses are a lot less demanding than IELTS and there isn’t any standard required to pass them with a particular score like IELTS. Rather than showing the IELTS certificate, the student can utilize these online language courses to get admission easily in Canadian universities.

Online English Course

Canadian Embassy doesn’t require IELTS in 2019:

As already mentioned, IELTS has never been the necessary of Canadian Embassy but the college/university only. If you utilize any of the above techniques to get admission in Canadian University, at that point you can show the IELTS exception letter or certificate to the embassy issued by the college. This letter is comprised of a single page and not required by the Canadian embassy. By giving IELTS exception letter, one can make his/her case more grounded.