Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) is an English language proficiency test that is similar to IELTS and TOEFL. Similar to these tests, the PTE is used to evaluate the communication skill of a non-native speaker in English and can help universities determine whether a student can understand the course material if it is taught entirely in English. The PTE is also accepted as a benchmark for English proficiency by countries as a part of their immigration program.

1. The PTE is generally taken by people whose first language is not English in order to study in or immigrate to English speaking countries.

2. The scores of the PTE exam are accepted as criteria for admission to many universities across the world.

3. Many of the top-ranked universities such as Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD accept PTE scores as criteria for granting admissions.

4. Candidates should be at least 16 years old in order to attempt the PTE

5. Candidates, less than 18 years of age need to provide proof of parent’s consent

Versions of PTE test

The PTE has two versions – the PTE academic and PTE general

1. The PTE academic is specially designed for students who plan to study in an under graduation or post-graduation program where the medium of instruction will be in English

2.PTE general gauges an immigrant’s ability to communicate easily in English and assimilate in an English speaking society.

Sections For PTE Academic

1.PTE academic is of three-hour duration.

2. It tests the candidates for their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills

3. The candidates are required to listen to questions or read them from a printout and answer them accordingly

4. The PTE Academic test is comprised of 20 different questions that are spread among the three major sections.

5. The questions can be in the form of analytical interpretation, multiple-choice questions or essay prompts

Sections For PTE General

1. The PTE general test is typically comprised of two sections, writing and speaking.
2. The written test is used to gauge the listening, reading and writing skills of the candidate
3. The speaking test is used to assess the proficiency of the candidate in speaking English.

3. The speaking test is used to assess the proficiency of the candidate in speaking English.

Part of testItem typeSkills assessedType of scoring
Part 1:
Speaking and
Personal introductionNot assessedUn scored
Read aloudReading and speakingPartial credit
Repeat sentenceListening and speakingPartial credit

Describe imageSpeakingPartial credit
Re-tell lectureListening and speakingPartial credit
Answer short questionListening and speakingCorrect/incorrect
Summarize written textReading and writingPartial credit
Write essayWritingPartial credit
Part 2:
Multiple-choice, choose single answerReadingCorrect/incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answersReadingPartial credit
Re-order paragraphsReadingPartial credit
Reading: Fill in the blanksReadingPartial credit
Reading & writing: Fill in the blanksReading and writingPartial credit
Part 3:
Summarize spoken textListening and writingPartial credit
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answersListeningPartial credit*
Fill in the blanksListening and writingPartial credit
Highlight correct summaryListening and readingCorrect/incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose single answerListeningCorrect/incorrect
Select missing wordListeningCorrect/incorrect
Highlight incorrect wordsListening and readingPartial credit*
Write from dictationListening and writingPartial credit


Test results for PTE

1. The test results are generally declared within five working days of the date of taking the test2. The scores for PTE Academic are valid for a period of two years from the test date once the validity period expires, the PTE score will be taken off the site and cannot be seen any longer.
3. The scores for PTE General are valid forever and do not have any expiry dates
4. There is no passing mark for PTE academic and universities are allowed to use their own discretion to set scores as a threshold for admission.
5.No minimum PTE is benchmarked for PTE general and countries set their own benchmarks when evaluating candidates for immigration.

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