If you are looking for a University in the United Kingdom with a strong record of excellence, enterprise and innovation across its teaching and research activities look no further than the University of Plymouth. The university also has a long term engagement with business and community and hence has an excellent relationship with employers and also plays a vital role in civic and regional leadership.

Home to around 30,000 students, the University of Plymouth is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. Also known for its efforts to promote sustainability across its operations the university is a leader in the People and Planet Green League. It is also the first modern university to have found a medical and dental school.

High living standards, friendly laid-back culture, and excellent education structure make the University of Plymouth an excellent place to study. But these are not the only reasons that make it a top-notch education destination university for international students; there is a lot more.

So, let’s get into everything you want to know about studying at the University of Plymouth.

Why the University of Plymouth

  1. A rich history of excellence
  2. The university awarded the European Commission HR Excellence in Research award
  3. Two-thirds of the research that comes out from the university is world leading
  4. One of the first Universities in the world to have been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark
  5. One of the Top 2 UK’s modern Universities
  6. The Peninsula Dental School is the first dental school in the UK to receive the Royal College of Surgeons Centre accreditation.
  7. A silver award in the Teaching excellence framework
  8. Rated amongst the top 20 universities for Career Services

University of Plymouth

Why Plymouth

  1. Known for being a center of excellence
  2. Has great facilities for students
  3. Is easy to get around
  4. A city with a vibrant past
  5. It’s next to the sea and is known for one of the greatest Natural Harbours
  6. Plenty of green spaces
  7. Friendly people

If the UK is your study destination, then the University of Plymouth is a great choice. A stone throws away from London it gives you all the right things the UK has to offer. Talk to Interface Alliances today to know your application requirements. Interface Alliances is the authorized representative of University of Plymouth. Our counselors are happy to help. Why wait! Contact us now.

Visit the official page to get more information on University of Plymouth – https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/

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