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Interface Alliances is the best Ireland Education Consultants in Hyderabad. You’ve just completed your graduation, and sure you would now want to pursue further education in one of the top-ranking universities in the world. While there are numerous destinations that would excite you to pursue your higher education in those countries but choosing the right destination that provides you not only the quality education but also fits your future career aspirations of a balanced lifestyle. If that’s what you want then, look no further; Ireland could be the best fit for you!

High living standards, friendly laid-back culture, and excellent education structure make Ireland an excellent place to study. But these are not the only reasons that make it a top-notch education destination for international students; there is a lot more.

So, let’s get into everything you want to know about studying in Ireland.

Reasons to study abroad in Ireland

Top class education system
With one of Europe’s top ranked education systems, you can study just about any degree in Ireland and your credentials will be recognized all over the world. But special mention goes to Ireland’s universities for their advancement in fields such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and technology.
Employment opportunities
We mentioned above how a degree from an Irish university is accepted all over the world. This means that if you study in Ireland, you’re setting yourself up well for employment. This rings true especially for employment in Ireland itself, where the booming economy has resulted in a demand for skilled graduates, as well as undergrads who wish to work part-time alongside their studies.
Ireland is a small, beautiful island with a fascinating story
Despite its small size, where you can travel just about anywhere within seven or eight hours, Ireland is actually two countries in one. When we say Ireland, we usually imply the Republic of Ireland. But there’s also Northern Ireland, a tiny state in the northeast.
Diversity of cultures
Traditionally, Ireland was a fairly homogenous country, with its people mostly Caucasian and Christian. But this has changed tremendously in the last 20 years or so. Nowadays, especially in the bigger cities, it’s a wonderful melting pot of culture and ethnicity. This same diversity can be seen on college campuses, which are bastions of inclusion and tolerance.
Level up your English
While Ireland’s native language is Irish (or Gaelic), the primary language is English. In fact, everyone from Ireland can speak English, but it's the native language that’s encountering challenges to survive.
Close proximity to Europe
Ireland’s location makes it a phenomenal base for further exploring Europe if you fancy a little bit of travel on your weekends and holidays. London in an hour? Amsterdam in 90 minutes? Berlin, Barcelona or Rome in 3 hours or under? One of the best things about living in Europe is the fact that there are just so many different countries and cultures within mere hours of each other. And it’s all pretty affordable too, with budget airlines flying regularly to and from mainland Europe.


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Interface Alliances is one of the leading education consultancies that works with leading universities in Ireland and can provide you the right guidance and assist you in the selection and enrolment process at all Ireland universities.

Our expert team can assist you, for free, with:

  • Choosing the right course and university
  • Obtaining the documents and certifications required by the university
  • Manage course enrolment practices
  • Apply for your Student Visa
  • Organize your accommodation

Interface Alliances has qualified education specialist that studied, worked, and lived in Ireland for many years, so they know exactly what would be the best outcome for all students. They will provide you the right advice that will help you get a world-class qualification.

Admission at a university in Ireland requires an international certificate of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL). We can assist you in choosing an English (preparatory) course to obtain these certifications or an Academic English (EAP) course to gain direct access to the degree course you have chosen.


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