The International English Language Testing System or IELTS as it is popularly known is a test that evaluates your level of proficiency in the English Language. It is similar to tests such as PTE and TOEFL. These tests are generally taken by students who plan to go abroad for future studies in countries that predominantly speak English. This test is also mandatory for folks who want to immigrate to Canada or Australia.

Types of Tests

The IELTS test is administered as a

  • IELTS General Test
  • IELTS Academic test

The general test is given by folks who are looking to immigrate while the academic test is taken by folks who wish to peruse higher education abroad in an English-speaking nation.

Features of IELTS

  • No minimum pass marks for the test
  • You will, however, be assessed for your English language skills at listening, reading, and writing
  • This test is used to determine your eligibility for your admission or scholarships as the case may be.
  • The time taken for the examination is 4 and a half hours
  • There will be a break of 10 minutes in between.

Sections in the IELTS Exam

Listening Section

This section consists of 40 questions that are divided into four sections. The total duration for all of these sections is thirty minutes, and the test taker gets an additional 10 minutes to transfer his answers to the answer sheet.

Reading Section

The reading section comprises of 40 questions that are set around three passages. This section has to be completed by the candidate in sixty minutes. This section aims to evaluate the candidates’ skills in reading and comprehension in different areas. This section comprises both fiction and non-fiction.

Writing Section

This section involves two tasks. 1 Interpretation of a diagram and writing a letter. The letter writing is targeted at 1550 words and should be completed within 20 minutes.  2. A 250-word essay on a given topic that needs to be completed in 40 minutes.

Speaking Section

The speaking section is held like a personal interview and is of 11 minutes in duration. This test is generally carried a day before or after the exam. This segment is ideally divided into three parts namely personal, long talk and discussion. As the test is interactive, you will be talking to an examiner.

Structure Of The IELTS Exam

Listening, 4 Sections, 40 items, 30 Minutes

General Training Reading, 3 Sections, 40 items, 60 MinutesAcademic Reading, 3 Sections, 40 items, 60 Minutes
General Training Writing, 2 tasks (150 and 250 words), 60 MinutesAcademic Writing, 2 Tasks (150 and 250 words), 60 Minutes

Speaking: 11 to 14 Minutes

Scoring of IELTS

An IELTS score is reported on a band ranging from 1 to 9. a nine-band indicates an expert and one band is a low comfort level.

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