10 Amazing Ideas to Work and Earn While Studying in Australia

When you shift from India to Australia for study purposes, everything seems exciting and fun if you have enough funds to support your education there. But what if you want to study in Australia but do not have enough money in your bank account.

No need to feel disheartened as Australia offers international students the opportunity to work part-time and support their studies. International students in Australia are permitted to work up to 20 hours while the semester is on. But during vacations, students can work full-time.

So, if you are among those who are planning your study in Australia and want to earn extra money at the same time then here check the professions, which are most popular in the country and can help you earn some really good money.

1. Hotel and Restaurant Business

Australia houses lots of restaurants, hotels, and cafes that prefer employing new students. Students can work as waiters, cleaners, helpers in the kitchen, and if you have sound knowledge of cooking then you can even work as a part of the cooking team. Students studying hospitality can expect higher positions in the business.

Even junk food outlets also hire new students to get the job done at a fairly low price and with ease.

2. Cleaning

Another excellent option for students is to work as a cleaner. Cleaning is popular in Australia as every household needs complete vacuuming once in a week. For this reason, this is an excellent part-time work option. A student can get a job in the cleaning company or independently offer the services to clean distinct premises.

3. Retail

Another popular industry where international students can work part-time in Australia is the field of trade or retail. There are numerous small and large retail chains in the country where students can work as cashiers, sellers, consultants, and can even engage in cleaning and maintenance of the warehouse.

Some of the popular retail outlets that employ students are Woolworth, Kmart, Reject Shop, 7eleven, Coles, Safeway, and more.

4. Health Care Assistance for the Elderlies

Good salary can be earned in this particular area as the elderlies in Australia seek aid and care for a long time. For this, they are willing to spend more money. This profession is suitable for those who wish to study health and medicine at the university.

In order to get this kind of work, you must ensure that you do not experience any discomfort while working with patients and readily want to help them. If a patient is severely ill then you might even need certification in order to look after him. Students studying in the healthcare division are generally accepted for work at nursing homes and hospitals.

5. Freelance

Depending on your interests, skills, and subjects that you wish to study at the university, you can always find a suitable job in Australia that will provide you with a rich and excellent experience. For instance, you can earn additional money in the field of website development, tourism, content writing, design, photography, and more.

As a freelancer, you can find employment in a reputed organization and work for yourself.

6. Car Wash

A great way to earn quick money on a daily basis is through a car wash. There are various car wash stations in Australia where numbers of customers come every day. These car wash stations actively employ students, particularly those who are willing to put in hard efforts and time. The best thing is that this form of work does not require special qualifications or skills.

7. Petrol Stations

This is another easy option to work part-time and earn money on a daily basis. You can work at the petrol pump fuel station either in day time or at night depending on your time slot. This profession offers a lot of flexibility and does not requires you to have any specialized qualifications.

8. Taxi Services

This is a highly popular option to work part-time in Australia. Though young students are not entertained in this industry, if you are studying a doctorate or postgraduate or meet their age deadline then you can definitely consider working in taxi service.

Most of the taxi services employ students expecting minimum demands. You just need to have a driving license and good command over the local English language in order to work herein.

9. Mentoring and Teaching

If you have the knowledge and qualifications in any field in Australia then you can earn good amount of money by working part-time as an assistant teacher or a mentor. This is a popular profession among the students. Teachers and mentors are usually needed in the nursing and IT industry. Sometimes there are such vacancies announced even within the same university in which you are studying. Hence, you can enjoy a great time earning within the comfort of your university and without the need to spend extra money on travel.

10. Additional Activities

Finally, people in Australia are always seeking help to carry different kinds of activities in their home, office, or shop. Strong and healthy students can work in the field of repair and construction, electrician, gardener, cleaner, babysitter, furniture, and goods supplier, laundry service, and more. You can find just kinds of jobs through local job hunt site or magazine.

Australia is one of the finest countries for overseas education. It offers high-quality education and world-class teaching aids to nourish its students and help them have a bright and promising career ahead. If you are finding it difficult to generate enough funds to study in Australia then you can always consider these and more other work part-time work options. These part-time work options will help you make additional money to support your education or to fulfill your lifestyle expenses.

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