UK Restores Two-Year Post-Study Work Visas


Short on schedule? Here are the highlights:  In 2012, Home Secretary Theresa May decreased the period of time that international graduates of UK universities could stay in the nation to work from two years to four months. This strategy has now been switched, and all qualified international graduates will have the option to stay in the nation to work or seek work for 2 years beginning in 2020/21.  University leaders in the country welcomed the news with enthusiasm, as they have been pushing for the rebuilding of the two-year work rights for quite a long time. The UK has built up [...]

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New Zealand puts the emphasis on student experience


Short on schedule? Here are the highlights: The first year of execution of New Zealand's new international education technique has seen an unmistakable spotlight on strengthening the student experience. Activities include new resources and services to promote student prosperity and consideration and updates to key arrangement structures that are worried about the quality of supports and services for visiting students. One year prior, New Zealand Minister of Education Chris Hipkins declared the New Zealand Education Strategy 2018–2030 at the yearly NZIEC meeting. The 2019 release of the meeting – the 28th New Zealand International Education Conference and Expo – is occurring [...]

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Post Study Employment for International Students


Short on schedule? Here are the highlights: A recently released paper thinks about post-study work rights accessible to foreign students in various study destinations. It features that graduate employment openings are firmly connected to a destination. However, the report additionally features the requirement for improved profession supports for graduating students. A recently released paper features the increasing weight that educators and international students are placing on students’ Job results, yet additionally, the difficulties that visiting students face in securing a job in their field of study after graduation. Charged by the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), Global points of view [...]

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Ireland: Number of non-EEA students in higher education jumps by 45% over five years


Short on schedule? Here are the highlights: Initially, the number of international students in Ireland from outside the EEA jumped by 45% from 2013 to 2017. Altogether, almost 18,500 non-EEA students are currently selected for secondary studies in Ireland. Work rights, generally reasonable educational costs, and a welcoming atmosphere have all contributed to this development. Non EEA Students The number of new international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) seeking higher education in Ireland bounced by 45% somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2017. As indicated by the recently released study from the European Migration Network, which is [...]

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Importance of IELTS For Canada Admission Process


Pretty sure you cannot. You either need to take the IELTS or some other tests in order to prove your English language proficiency. Even if the university decides to exempt you from such a requirement, you still have to prove your proficiency at the embassy in order to successfully obtain a Visa. It is not possible to get admission to any Canadian University or educational institution without an IELTS score. Even people who are from the US, UK, Australia who study in English medium also need IELTS scores. Well if you are looking for some specific program either bachelors or masters [...]

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Is it Possible to Study in Australia without IELTS?


Study in Australia without IELTS Hyderabad Did you know that you can study in Australia without IELTS? This article lists a few choices to study in Australia without presenting an IELTS score. The IELTS is a globally acknowledged English language proficiency test. Australian colleges require a score extending from 5.5 to 6.5 or higher, from Indian candidates, based on the program chose and the level of the study. Did you realize that you can get an admission in some Australian universities without writing the IELTS? Truly, it is possible and we will reveal to you how! International Baccalaureate Programme In the [...]

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Study Abroad Survey Shows Decision Process is Changing


Short on schedule? Here are the highlights: University positions are diminishing in impact as far as where students prefer to study Virtual tours, Videos, Peer reviews, and cost of tuition and living becoming considerably more compelling While students may have a record of "dream destinations," they will likewise consider different choices if a school's offer is convincing Post-graduation job openings are progressively imperative to students over the globe Study Abroad survey A new survey shows that students are making study abroad decisions based on a changing list of priorities and influencers. Rankings are becoming less important than factors such as cost [...]

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Why You Should Prefer Studying Abroad?


The above question may look exceptionally "simple", however, it has numerous basic questions. To do equity to this discussion, it's important for us to initially understand the genuine motivation behind training, and all the more explicitly higher education (undergrad and post-graduate studies). Why to Study Abroad? So, what is the purpose of education according to you? Is it do create proficient people who hold a profound feeling of socio-cultural comprehension? Is it to make people prepared for the work compel with sufficient skills of abilities that can be additionally upgraded at work? Would it be a good idea for it to [...]

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Study and Work in Poland – Check Your Eligibility


Poland is a Central European country that was formerly a part of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Germany borders it to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to the east and Russia and the Baltic Sea to the north. It boasts of a diversified landscape with The Carpathian and The Sudety Mountains stretching its southern borders and Lowlands and undulating hills occupying the central part of the country. The Northern part of the country is well forested and covered with hundreds of lakes finally ending with the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. Another [...]

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