Interface Alliances is the best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Have you just completed your graduation or post-graduation and want to pursue further education abroad? Do you wish to be the part of one of the best overseas education structure? Studying in Canada would be your best decision!

Though most of the students have an eye studying in the USA, because of intricate visa policies this seems like a daunting task. But let us share with you one good thing. The USA is not the only country offering the best education plans. Rather there are numerous other countries offering the finest of education and hosting simple visa policies. So, if you wish to fulfill your dream to study abroad and at the same time want the process to be hassle-free you must plan to study in Canada.

Now, this would bring you to the very first question of why Canada is the best place to study. Here check the answer.

Why Study in Canada is Worthwhile?

Having a close look at the recent statistics of the past few years, Canadian students rank has earned some top positions in international tests and examinations organized worldwide. The country is known for offering outstanding quality of education in fields like science, mathematics, business, reading, and more. Moreover, even almost all top corporates and global organizations acknowledge Canadian degree or diploma a reputed and regarded certificate.

Besides these, here are other prominent reasons that make studying in Canada a sensible decision.

  • Canada is an Awesome Place to Live

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit and the United Nations, Canada ranks among the top ten best places to live in the world. With a high standard of living, quality education, access to advanced medical aids, and a low crime rate, it seems like a perfect country to live.

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the top-rated cities in Canada that are recognized globally for the high quality of work, life, cleanliness, safety, and attractive lifestyle.

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  • High Living Standards

Canada is the perfect country for those who want to obtain a quality education as well as a wish to settle there and enjoy a lifestyle of great comfort and luxury. It is a promising country in terms of quality lifestyle and sustainability.

  • Education at par Excellence

The education system of Canada ranks among the best in the world. The best thing is despite offering quality education, the country is known for its low tuition fee and affordable study plans for foreigners.

  • A Safe and Secured Region

When planning to study abroad in Canada, you don’t have to worry about safety. It is a peaceful country with strict safety norms. The country boasts of its low crime and violence rate. Just like the US, firearms are strictly prohibited.

  • Relaxed Policies and Rules for Immigrating Students

Canada offers relaxed policies and guidelines for immigrating students. The country ensures that people coming from other counties are able to avail absolute comfort and convenience during their course of stay.

  • Lucrative Job Opportunities

Foreigner students graduated from Canadian University gets the opportunity to work in the same profession for up to 3 years. You don’t have to apply for a job offer. Interested students are directly hired to job positions that are lucrative in all aspects.

  • Flexible Educational System

Canada is the home to numerous educational institutions and universities famous across the world. You can obtain both professional and technical degrees from these institutes.

  • Canada is a Multicultural Country

Canada is the home to a vast number of aboriginal people, known as First Nations. The country has welcomed more than 15 million immigrants. The national policy of Canada for multiculturalism works to ensure that people have a strong belief in the traditions and customs of this country.

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Education System in Canada

The Canada education system encompasses both private schools and publicly funded institutes. The country hosts an ample number of Community Colleges or Technical Institutes, Universities, University Colleges, Language Schools, Career Colleges, and Secondary Schools.

Interface Alliances Canada

Education in Canada is a provincial responsibility managed by the Canadian constitution. This implies that there is a huge difference between the education systems of various provinces. Education is vital to Canadians, and they are focused on maintaining high-quality standards in this concern.

  • Universities in Canada

If you are planning to study abroad then you definitely are investing money in this regard. For this reason, it becomes essential for you to know about universities and colleges in Canada that makes it an outstanding country to study.

Canada holds an extensive selection of Colleges and Universities situated in rural as well as urban settings. The diploma and degree obtained from these Universities are equivalent in terms of applicability and relevance to those obtained from American and other Commonwealth colleges and universities. These universities are publicly funded. As a result, they are able to offer high-quality solutions and services, regardless of the area or location of study. Even, they retain a high degree of academic autonomy.

The University year runs from May to September. Some of them have a trimester concept, while others have an annual semester system. The courses in all the universities begin in summers.

  • University Colleges in Canada

The University Colleges combine college traditions and Canadian university with a robust base of applied and academic programs offered within the campus premises. As the major component of the Canadian University system, these colleges provide students with a wide choice of academically oriented university degree programs. The University colleges distinguish from colleges of other universities in terms of student support services, excellent infrastructure, and small batches. They may even provide combined diploma and degree programs along with university transfer programs.

  • Technical Institutes in Canada

Another popular choice of education in Canada is technical and college institutions. These institutes offer professional programs ranging from 1 year to 3 years that are greatly applicable in the job market.

Some of the community colleges provide university transfer programs that enable students to take courses, which are parallel to those offered from the first two years of a 4 – year university programs. You can apply to your preferred university to gain admission to complete the entire course.

There are almost 175 post-secondary technical colleges and institutes in the country that are handled by Members of the Association of Community Colleges. The two and three-year courses offered in these institutes are vocationally oriented and specific.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Canada for Overseas Education

Though Canada is the perfect option for students who wish to avail quality education in different domains, still there are some important factors that you must consider before you decide on an educational program in Canada.

  1. Diversified Options – The universities and colleges in Canada offers a diversified range of options in various disciplines. Hence, you must select the course carefully that you wish to pursue in the graduation or post-graduation discipline. You can select from various qualifications offered in Canada, like a diploma, first professional degree, applied degrees, bachelor’s degree, doctorate degree, master’s degree, and associate degrees.
  2. Admission Process – Almost all educational institutes in Canada offer a flexible admission process. While some require a pre-requisite test to perform, most of them don’t have any such obligation. For this reason, Canada seems like an easy alternative option for foreigner students.
  3. Government Regulations – The Government of Canada invests the hefty amount to enhance and maintain the infrastructure and facilities of Canadian Colleges and Universities. They even offer work permit during the stay and once the course is complete the students are able to earn some money during the tenure.
  4. Tuition Fee – Most of the Canadian Universities offer a low tuition fee as compared to other countries. For this reason, the aspirants are able to avail an early admission in their preferred course.
  5. Affordability and Cost of Living – If you wish to enroll admission in Canadian Universities then you must not worry about the accommodation expenses at these universities. It is because most of them offer hostels and low cost of living as compared to other countries.
  6. Culture – As per the rules and regulations from the US Government, every year students who wish to enroll in Canadian universities are growing at a fast pace from numerous countries. Even, if you plan to study in this country then you would avail a rich experience of diversified culture.

Canada offers students world-class infrastructure and support solutions in every aspect. The country has been inviting immigrants since the past 27 years. But the process might not be smooth for all students. In this condition, the best choice is to hire an experienced and reliable overseas consultant like Interface Alliances.

At Interface Alliances, we can help you get the best of services and solutions pertaining to your immigration process to Canada. Hiring us can help you avail of some great benefits.

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Benefits of Hiring the Best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad – Interface Alliances

Obtain Best Counseling and Advice on Your Career

We are a group of experts of qualified professionals offering the best guidance and consultancy for all career domains. With our services, we have helped numerous students to make the correct decision for their future. Hence, if you want the correct guidance to select the best direction for your career, then we can help you.

Get Support to Make the Right Decision at Right Time

If you are finding any difficulty in selecting a country for your future studies, then we are here to offer you the best of assistance. With our consulting solutions, you can gain knowledge about different courses and programs offered in Canada. Besides Canada, we can also help you to gain insights into the best courses offered by other foreign universities. Once a candidate applies through us, we ensure to offer them the most up-to-date information, so that no opportunity is missed or delayed.

Security and Safety

Safety is a major concern for students applying to foreign universities for admission. As a reputed educational consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad, we promise to ease the entire process and make it as smooth as possible. Most importantly, we offer our clients with security from all sorts of fraud activities related to documentation and visa approval.

Hassle-Free Documentation and Financial Estimation

Undertaking admission through the best overseas educational consultancy will ensure that you have all the necessary documents. We ensure that the entire documentation process is hassle-free. Additionally, we offer you the correct estimate of the money needed to complete the education and other financial costs involved. This is done to ensure that you don’t experience any trouble during your stay and studying in the country.

Complete Support for Visa Approval

Getting the visa approved can be a lengthy and time-intensive process in most cases. Without a proper guarantee, things can become highly complex. With our support solutions, you can get the visa in the shortest time period. We ensure that the entire documentation part is handled efficiently. Also, we double check the documents and other necessary details before filing the application so that there is no rejection or delayed experience. For this reason, we are proud of holding a 99% success rate in our visa approval process.

Assistance for Housing and Accommodation

As an overseas education consultant, we ensure to offer adequate help in offering the right accommodation within the student’s budget and as per requirements. We have associations with top-notch universities, which help us to get accommodation for students who are applying to that specific university.

Updates about Job Availability

Our role is concerned to not only offering complete assistance in preparing and completing the process, but we are also concerned about the job opportunities available afterward. Hence, we always assist students in getting jobs after completing their course.

Cost of Studying in Canada

You would be glad to know that studying in Canada is quite affordable as compared to other western countries. Some of the latest detailed fetched for you are:

  • Post-graduate Degree course beginning from CAD$12,000 to a maximum of CAD$22,000.
  • Bachelor’s Degree course beginning from CAD$13,000 to CAD$19,000 per year for most of the undergraduate degrees
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses starting from CAD$11,000 to CAD$13,000 per year as per the course

Cost of Living in Canada

Canada offers students a comprehensive range of elite choices for studying in Canada. You can opt for on-campus as well as off-campus stay options like a rented house, hostels, homestay, and more. The average cost of stay for foreign students in Canada varies between CAD$8,000 to $12,000, depending on the type of stay and location.

Summing Up

Presently, studying in Canada is no longer just a distant dream that only wealthy people can afford. Having support and right guidance can help you fulfill your dream to study abroad in one of the best universities in the world. Being the best overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad for Canada, we offer the best services for visa and admission. From getting proper documents, obtaining financial aid, easy visa approval, to getting a job in a foreign country and having a secured future afterwards, we provide guidance under all subjects.

Hence, if you want to fulfill your dream to study in Canada and don’t want one more year to get wasted then contact us right away.

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