MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a globally recognized degree that intends to develop business and management skills in students. In Canada MBA is available in various subjects, like Finance, Electronic, Human resources, and more. Presently, it is one of the most popular professional degree programs in the world. Though there are MBA colleges and universities in every country and state, pursuing it from the world’s best universities can reap you the maximum career benefits.

Canadian MBA universities and colleges are renowned globally for offering the best education in MBA. So, if you want to know everything about an MBA in Canada, then read on.

How much does it cost to Study Masters in Canada?

Compared to many countries, studying in Canada is very affordable. For MBA you will likely need between C$30,000 and C$40,000 annually to cover tuition. Each Canadian institution is entitled to have its own fee structure, this range is an average only and will vary according to the institution and program in which you are enrolled.

S.no. Study program Average annual fee (in CAD*)
Postgraduate master's degree
$17,000 to $25,000 per year
$30,000 to $40,000 per year


English-language tests

To apply to study in Canada, you’ll need to provide proof you have a diploma for your English proficiency.

The certificates generally accepted by the universities in Canada are:

PTE Academic
C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency

Practical Information

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Here are some of the basic requirements you’ll need for every application:

A scan of your diploma (high school or Bachelor’s degree)
A transcript/record of your previous courses
A scan of your passport
Your CV
Testing scores
Evidence of scholarship or funding
Letters of recommendation (between 2-3)
Portfolio and/or writing samples

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Benefits of Hiring the Best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad – Interface Alliances

Obtain Best Counseling and Advice on Your Career

We are a group of experts of qualified professionals offering the best guidance and consultancy for all career domains. With our services, we have helped numerous students to make the correct decision for their future. Hence, if you want the correct guidance to select the best direction for your career, then we can help you.

Get Support to Make the Right Decision at Right Time

If you are finding any difficulty in selecting a country for your future studies, then we are here to offer you the best of assistance. With our consulting solutions, you can gain knowledge about different courses and programs offered in Canada. Besides Canada, we can also help you to gain insights into the best courses offered by other foreign universities. Once a candidate applies through us, we ensure to offer them the most up-to-date information, so that no opportunity is missed or delayed.

Security and Safety

Safety is a major concern for students applying to foreign universities for admission. As a reputed educational consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad, we promise to ease the entire process and make it as smooth as possible. Most importantly, we offer our clients with security from all sorts of fraud activities related to documentation and visa approval.

Hassle-Free Documentation and Financial Estimation

Undertaking admission through the best overseas educational consultancy will ensure that you have all the necessary documents. We ensure that the entire documentation process is hassle-free. Additionally, we offer you the correct estimate of the money needed to complete the education and other financial costs involved. This is done to ensure that you don’t experience any trouble during your stay and studying in the country.

Complete Support for Visa Approval

Getting the visa approved can be a lengthy and time-intensive process in most cases. Without a proper guarantee, things can become highly complex. With our support solutions, you can get the visa in the shortest time period. We ensure that the entire documentation part is handled efficiently. Also, we double check the documents and other necessary details before filing the application so that there is no rejection or delayed experience. For this reason, we are proud of holding a 99% success rate in our visa approval process.

Assistance for Housing and Accommodation

As an overseas education consultant, we ensure to offer adequate help in offering the right accommodation within the student’s budget and as per requirements. We have associations with top-notch universities, which help us to get accommodation for students who are applying to that specific university.

Updates about Job Availability

Our role is concerned to not only offering complete assistance in preparing and completing the process, but we are also concerned about the job opportunities available afterward. Hence, we always assist students in getting jobs after completing their course.

Cost of Living in Canada

Canada offers students a comprehensive range of elite choices for studying in Canada. You can opt for on-campus as well as off-campus stay options like a rented house, hostels, homestay, and more. The average cost of stay for foreign students in Canada varies between CAD$8,000 to $12,000, depending on the type of stay and location.

Summing Up

Presently, studying in Canada is no longer just a distant dream that only wealthy people can afford. Having support and right guidance can help you fulfill your dream to study abroad in one of the best universities in the world. Being the best overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad for Canada, we offer the best services for visa and admission. From getting proper documents, obtaining financial aid, easy visa approval, to getting a job in a foreign country and having a secured future afterwards, we provide guidance under all subjects.

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