Studying at an Australian university is a unique educational and cultural experience.

If you ever wondered about studying at top-ranking universities in the world that not only provide quality education but also prepare you as a professional individual ready to build a promising career internationally? Then, look no further, Australia is your answer to a world-class education.

Australia is globally recognized as one of the popular study destinations among international students after the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK). Home to 6 of the best 100 universities in the world known for academic & research quality, career opportunities, and a balanced lifestyle, Australia makes it the perfect choice for studies among foreign students.

Australia with a population of 24.5 million people and home to more than 700,000 international students studying various courses at different universities, is known for its multicultural community, friendly people, and access to some of the best student support systems in the world.

But these are not the only reasons that make Australia the top-notch education destination for international students; there is a lot more.

Australian universities offer a range of courses from vocational educational level such as certificates, diplomas, and advance diplomas to higher education levels leading into Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees, and Postgraduate research degrees i.e. PhDs.

Some of the popular courses among international students are in the areas of Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical and Electronics, and Electrical), Informational Technology (IT) in the areas of cybersecurity, data sciences, and artificial intelligence. Education, Business, and Accounting degrees. Health and Human science qualifications in the areas of Nutrition’s, detects, Medical Laboratory Science, and Nursing. Few universities such as Charles Darwin University offer niche courses in the area of Emergency and Disaster Management.

Although the bigger cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are among the popular cities to study recently regional cities like Darwin, Adelaide, Tasmania, and Perth are growing in popularity due to huge career opportunities and the advantage of longer Post-Study Work visa for all students studying at these locations. The other advantage of studying at the regional location is the cost of living, which is much lesser than bigger cities, giving ample opportunities to save.

Why studying in Australia promising for your career?

Globally Recognized Diplomas and Degrees
Universities and employers all across the world recognize Australian degree and other certificate courses. Graduates from Australia can successfully find suitable jobs and hold prominent positions across the world.
Living Expenses
Tuition costs and living expenses are quite less in Australia as compared to countries like the UK and the USA. But the living standard in Australia is quite high as compared to other competitive nations. There are various scholarships available that can reduce the cost of studying in Australia.
Access to Advanced Technologies
Australia has a high quality of scientific research programs available for foreign students. Students studying in Australia can take benefit from the country’s excellent research resources and advanced technologies.
Diversified Range of Courses
Universities and institutes in Australia provide an extensive range of courses and degrees to international students. Hence, you can easily find the school and field that are best for you. You can select between colleges, universities, vocational education, premier institutes, and English language training institutes.
Safe and Multicultural Environment
Australia offers a friendly, safe, and sophisticated society in which students can travel and learn. People from all across the world reside here. Hence, you will not just learn the courses but will also be a part of an amazing multicultural environment.
Post Study Work Permit
Foreign students can work up to 40 hours each fortnight in Australia. Additionally, students can avail of the opportunity to stay in Australia to work after completing their graduation up to 4 years. They can take benefit of the post-study work permit in order to work after completing the graduation.
Located close to the southern territory, the climate of Australia is absolutely amazing. It remains moderately warm year around. So, it’s very easy for Indian students to adapt to the climate of Australia.


Australia Education Consultants

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  • Choosing the right course and university
  • Obtaining the documents and certifications required by the university
  • Manage course enrolment practices
  • Apply for your Student Visa
  • Organize your accommodation

Interface Alliances has qualified education specialist that studied, worked and lived in Australia for many years, so they know exactly what would be the best outcome for all students. They will provide you the right advice that will help you get an world-class qualification.

Admission at a university in Australia requires an international certificate of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL). We can assist you in choosing an English (preparatory) course to obtain these certifications or an Academic English (EAP) course to gain direct access to the degree course you have chosen.


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